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Tis the Season For Gratitude

Between shorter days and colder temperatures, winter can sometimes come with a case of the blues. As we head into the winter and approach the start of a new year, we propose setting the intention to bring gratitude into your life as much as possible. Being mindfully grateful focuses our attention on what is positive. Gratitude asks that we not only be aware and accept what is happening, but that we are thankful for it. Why is this so powerful? Practicing gratitude allows us to celebrate and stay in the present. It diverts our attention from toxic and negative emotions and keeps us focused on the empowering and positive emotions instead. One effective way of doing this is keeping a gratitude journal. (The Life always has a beautiful assortment of these journals!) Journaling intentionally focuses our attention to developing more grateful thinking and on eliminating any ungrateful thoughts. If journaling isn't your thing, try a gratitude jar. Simply jot down a moment you felt gratitude that day and toss it into a jar. On New Years Eve, empty the jar and review all the things that made you stop and say "I am grateful!" Whether it is instinct or a practiced skill, incorporating gratitude and simple winter mindfulness into your daily routine this December will be sure to magnify the good- and there is SO much good!

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