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A Passport To Wellness

Summer is approaching and that means travel is in your future! Here are tips that will help you come back from your travels feeling rejuvenated! It is empowering to have the tools that will allow you to travel with an increased sense of well being. Travel is not only fun, it is a great antidote to the stresses of the every day. Enjoy this list of ways to travel with wellness in mind!

  1. Create a trip intention. One simple word will do.

  2. Go places and do things that bring you joy

  3. Scrap the plan & be spontaneous. Allow time for the unexpected.

  4. Take time to tune into your senses. A little bit of time alone each day allows for much needed reflection.

  5. Pack for comfort. Yes, we want to feel cute too, but comfort is important!

  6. Nourish yourself. A healthy breakfast can change your whole day.

  7. Carry nutrient-dense snacks for a boost when needed.

  8. Schedule your travel activities with wellness in mind.

  9. Pack something to support your sleep routine (the calm app, scents, favorite pillow)

  10. Find a serene space and begin your day with positive affirmations.

  11. Research & plan out the logistics ahead of time. This is an easy way to reduce travel related stress.

  12. Connect with nature and disconnect with technology- even if just for 10 minutes.

  13. Keep your mind fresh and learn something new. Immerse yourself in the culture around you.

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